The Rise and Fall of Man

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By MC Escher, 1920 found on Wikiart

The Saviour of Man, I am

Policed by the bona fide ones

To deliver my righteous sermons

I gift my counsel – for Man ought to know what to value

I sanction morality – for Man ought to do right

I align society the way it should be

Orderliness, set in stone and scripture.



But Alas!

What have I created?

Followers, followers

Submissive followers everywhere

Fearing the dark, grasping my Word

Worshipping my deity, but fighting

In groups for their identity

What have I created?

Egos expanding, dispensing moral judgements

What a tragedy, it is to see

This authority and allegiance to Me.

Citing my word and fearing my clout,

They mission to clean out

This world full of diversity.


For now I understand, what game I have played!

Not through transgression but obedience

Not through the apprentice but authority

Not through variance but orthodoxy

Comes the Fall of Man

The Fall of Man, I am

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